Seasons of Spending

I’m someone who absolutely needs the sun to be a functioning non-crabby adult.

In the darker winter months the only activities I can fathom are running alone (with ridiculous consequences like deciding to do a freaking hypothermic half marathon) and sitting at home watching weird Netflix and youtube videos. The good thing is that despite these hermit-tendencies, these are very frugal and cheap activities to entertain myself for the 3-9 months of Canadian winters.

But the winter does eventually end. In my city we had a 50 degree improvement in this past week. (-40 to +10 C!) With the thaw of the snow and ice comes the thawing of my icy heart and I do eventually venture out into the world of dinners, drinks and events with friends. This is awesome and I certainly do love that feeling of finally feeling like you can leave your house, but it makes me wonder if the seasons do impact our spending habits.

Certainly there are the usual suspects of Christmas/holidays in December, birthdays and anniversaries that are routine expenses. But I’m curious if you find you spend more on the non-essentials in any one particular season over the next. I think a case could be made for any of the seasons being the most expensive, but what do you think?

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

What season do you think is your most spendy?