October Budget

October! My favourite month- birthdays, thanksgiving and for this year lots of exciting weekend conferences!

Here is my planned spending for the month:

I paid a bit more for house expenses last month so I get a big break on rent this month which is great, but I do have my birthday, Thanksgiving and cool conference to go to out of town, so I put a little extra in for entertainment.

Maybe this month I’ll actually stick to my budget !

  Oct predicted Oct Actual Difference
Rent 70    
Utilities 140    
transportation 100    
phone 40    
groceries/personal care 300    
restaurant 50    
clothes 80    
gifts 0    
alcohol 50    
entertainment 200    
bank fees 0    
savings 0    
debt repayment 0    
retirement 0    
education 0    
Income 0    
Spent 1030    
Difference -1030    
  personal savings rate: