Exciting News

Little educational update, I won a scholarship!

Woo! I’m $2100 up, or rather, off, my tuition thanks to a very generous memorial fund!

I’m still waiting back to hear from other one I applied so, but so far I’m half way to one of my big goals of the month!

Always fill out any bursary, award or scholarship information folks- I hadn’t even heard of this scholarship before and it was an automatic entry when I filled out my student aid information. If you are working hard enough to get into school- ensure you put a little more work into getting some extra help to put towards tuition or living expenses.

It’s getting harder for me to conceptualize money now that I have this ridiculous credit line, but this extra $2100 now saves me not only that money, but saves me from taking it off my credit line and accruing 3% interest every year.

Go student awards!


Law School Costs in Canada

Check out this very interesting development that a good friend of mine started, Access to Justice, which de-constructs the accessibility of law school in Canada, particularly in Ontario.

Get more information here: Access to Justice.

I think it is especially relevant for this blog as non-profit work is not limited to front-line workers. There is a huge need for accessible lawyers for all of us to be able to be fairly and equitably represented, not to mention the huge social justice work that is needed on a policy (read: law-based) level.

Law has some serious class and privilege inherent in not only entry, but admissions, tuition and future career choices. I totally echo these sentiments for medicine, and hopefully sometime soon I’ll have more time to get into my personal views on medicine and class. In the mean time, check out this great work, and if you are in law school or a lawyer yourself please get involved!