Costs of Not Having a Car

In the ever-decreasing moments I’m not studying, thinking about studying or worried I’m not studying enough, I’m wondering about my money and increasingly, money on transportation.

This blog has featured my hilarious experiences and justifications around car-ownership and even though I keep trying to do creative math, every way I cut it, I can’t afford a car right now. But oh mango I would like one.

As another attempt to try to math my way out of this, I did a little analysis of the costs associated with renting cars since we moved. This new place is way closer to school and work, but we can’t walk to get groceries anymore. I also am getting a little more conscious of ‘wasting’ time on walking (which is ridiculous I know) so I’ve been taking a car2go more and more.

Here is my transportation breakdown since June

119.54 in Car2go; 92.45 in rental cars

188 in Car2go; 296.93 in rental cars

140.43 in Car2go; 209.57 in rental cars

177.91 in Car2go; 150 in rental cars

Since June, I’ve spent $625.95 on car2go’s alone and another $749.07 on rental cars for various trips. This is 1375.02 in just 4 months, which is $343.75 on average per month. Holy poop .

Yes, this was mostly summer trips and road trips, but that is still no small amount. And yes, this is a cost that I split 50% with my partner, but this is food for thought for me.

I know that car insurance alone would be about $170-200/month in total, and likely even with having a car I would use a car2go to go downtown to avoid paying for parking, but this is the highest transportation budget I’ve ever had, including when I had a car.

For city-living people, how much on average do you spend on transportation, including car insurance, gas, parking, payments, maintenance, etc. Is $340 (170 each) a steal?


Overheard at Medical School

So as a former sexy worker, aka sexual health worker, now making a foray back into school and straight into the world of apolitical medicine I’ve had some interesting conversations and observations so far.

Certainly  my class is a very diverse bunch and has a wide range of knowledge and experience about topics, but yet even a few months in, immigration, the ‘Third World’, HIV, abortion, sexuality and birth control have come up in various ways.

Most people are awesome and on it, but here is a list of hilarious (and not so hilarious) all true things I have overheard at school so far.

HIV is transmitted by working with lab monkeys

Abortion is something that once you get one, you are bound to get another and another

We as doctors should be allowed to deny abortion because it is such a bad ethical dilemma

Although 14 yr olds don’t technically need a parent consent to get an abortion, we should get one anyway because it is such a serious decision

People with chronic diseases should be restricted from immigrating to Canada

The ‘Third World’ has diseases that are getting over here because of massive immigration

Guess which two (and only two) didn’t come from my professors who are practicing doctors. 

Share your yikes in the comments.


September Goals

Okay this month I’m going to . . .


1. Continue to not buy anything at the school cafeteria.

2. (Hopefully) Win 1-2 scholarships this month



1. Aim to join one student club or association.

2. Continue to run 4-5x a week with yoga at least once a week

3. Pass my first two mid-terms in med school!


What’s your plan for back to school/September?

Sept Budget

September is here!

When will I ever get my shit together financially again? Maybe this month? You and I will have to wait and see . . . .

Here is my planned budget for September

  Sept predicted Sept Actual
Rent 480
Utilities 140  
transportation 100  
phone 40  
groceries/personal care 300  
restaurant 50  
clothes 80  
gifts 0  
alcohol 50  
entertainment 50  
bank fees 0  
savings 0  
debt repayment 0  
retirement 0  
education 0  
Income 0  
Spent 1290  
Difference -1290  
  personal savings rate:  


I raised the transportation to be a bit more realistic, and I do think I need to get a good pair of professional shoes, but hopefully other than that it’s all good to go!

August Spending


Oh monkey it’s basically September!

First whole month at med school, let’s see how my money went:

  Aug predicted Aug Actual Difference Reason
Rent 480 293.75 186.25  
Utilities 140 0 140  
transportation 60 350 -290 car rental and gas, car2go for groceries
phone 40 40 0  
groceries/personal care 300 83 217  
restaurant 50 34.73 15.27  
clothes 0 62.99 -62.99  
gifts 0 36.74 -36.74  
alcohol 50 48.68 1.5  
entertainment 50 193 -143 25 for canoe, 80 for formal tickets, 60 cash
bank fees 15 15 0  
savings 0 0 0  
debt repayment 0 339.67 -339.67 clerical error, loan interest
retirement 0 0    
education 0 248.24 -248.24 practise license and app
Income 0      
Spent 1185 1745.8 -560.62  
Line   39.5    
Difference -1185 -1706.3   student loan/grant
  personal savings rate:      

Okay so way better than July right???

And I only added $39.5 to my credit line this month! Little victories folks.

I was over budget, but half wasn’t even my fault!

Over Budget

Transportation: car2go is my life now, so I’ll have to figure out something soon. Just got a free bus pass so that might help??

Clothes: While I didn’t actually buy any clothes, which was my (unwritten) goal, I did buy a nice watch. (Read: my first watch ever that I didn’t use exclusively for track splits)

Gifts: Bought Cards against Humanity! Worth it. 

Entertainment: I did buy tickets to an event I didn’t even go to, so that pretty much put me over for no reason. That’s some solid finances right?

Debt repayment: This is the part that kinda sort isn’t my fault! I’m back in school and so wasn’t supposed to have to make OSAP payments but the paperwork didn’t go through so I had to make one more $300 payment in August. Yes I paid a loan from another loan. Yes I’m a finance superstar.

School: I don’t think this really counts as over-budget or not because I did need to pay for a practice license to be able to actually do part of my school and I got a cool studying app on my phone. So responsible 🙂

Net worth Change:

Hahaha, certainly don’t want to do these so much anymore. . .

Current Net Worth: -31432.63!

Less barf this month. I did get a big student loan in so I’m planning on counting on what I’ve spent out of it so far instead of the full amount

Goal Progress:

Financial Goals

1. Stay on budget for life expenses.

Well I didn’t totally stay on budget, but I’m going to give myself a solid B for effort.

2. Continue to track my spending.

Heck yes! I love tracking and even though sometimes I feel like I don’t have time it’s probably like 2 mins worth of work a day.

How was your month?

Check in with August Goals

August is almost over and my brain is starting to hurt from school, so let’s see how my goals went this month!

Financial Goals

1. Stay on budget

I haven’t totally finished the crunching, but I know it’s off already because I had to make a payment to my previous student loan ($300) that I wasn’t planning on.

2. Keep on tracking my spending.

Heck yes! I love to track my spending aka my debt racking up.

3. No shopping for all of August.

Well almost done. I didn’t buy any clothes (which is what I meant, of course. . . .) but I did buy a nice watch that I sort of need for school. It didn’t need to be $60 and fashionable, but hey, it is and it works.


Personal Goals

1. Keep running 4-5 x a week.

Heck yes! I’m slowly getting used to the 11-13 hr days of class and studying, but running is not going anywhere. I even have nerdy medical podcasts to listen to.

2. Attend three school social events.

I think I did this too, so woo!

3. Bring food to school every day and don’t buy anything at the cafeteria!

Again, a big almost. I didn’t buy any meals, all I bought all month was a large chocolate milk for $2.80 and a coffee I didn’t even drink for $1.80. So. . . . like 90% done?

How was your August???

The day I talked about sex on the radio

Or when Gail Vaz Oxlade and I became best friends. And I received a ‘porn star’ name.

On Aug 18th I had the very cool opportunity to chat with Gail Vaz Oxlade about my life working in sexual health.

Check it out here: Aug 18th- my interview starts at the 13 min mark.

Haven’t yet chatted with my parents (or grandparents) about this interview-so I hope that went over well!

Also so glad that this was a radio show and not live TV because my eyes may or may not have bugged out when she told me about her oral sex rules.

Also- who knew I could say Gail Vax Oxlade and oral sex in the same sentence.