Hi, I’m Prosperous Not for Profit.

I’m a twenty-something Canadian woman who is trying to make sense of money!

What got me here:

I have a bachelors and a masters degree from the University of Ottawa. Despite a full scholarship for my graduate degree and my first year of undergrad, I still graduated with over $20,000 of student loans- $20,275.46 exactly.

This on top of the two credit cards maxed out, I was over $24,000 in debt. That’s a thousand dollars for every year of my life! Oh dear.

I had been working for a non for profit for less than a year, making under $22,000 annually, just scraping by in every sense.

When my student loan (accidentally) defaulted, and when I realized that my geared-to-income prescribed loan repayment plan would take me over 40 years to pay off my loan, I knew I had to do something.

I freaked out, but then started reading every personal finance book, blog and article I could get my hands on.

Where I am now:

In the past ten months I’ve managed so far to pay off both credit cards ($4,000), save more than $3,000 for an emergency fund, $1,000 to a retirement plan and pay down over $2,800 towards my student loan.

I’ve recently moved across the country for a slightly more lucrative and rewarding job in another non profit.

I’m here to share what I’ve learned about personal finance and about what works for me living on a non-for-profit salary in a very for-profit world.

In case you think personal finance is dry, my slice of the non-for-profit world is a bit spicy; I’ve been working in the field of sex and sexuality for over seven years so consider yourself warned (or readied). I can’t promise there won’t be mentions or comparisons drawn between the taboos of money and the taboos around sexuality.

If you are interested, please continue to help me learn with you and help us all live a bit better in this for-profit world!

Check me out on Twitter as well I’m @ProsperousN4P


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