September Spending


The leaves are changing, it only snowed there for a few days . . . . we are off to a good start.

  Sept predicted Sept Actual Difference
Rent 480 667  
Utilities 140 200 First utilities in this house
transportation 100 206.2  
phone 40 40  
groceries/personal care 300 455 Insurance, hair cut
restaurant 50 3.8  
clothes 80 67.73  
gifts 0 11.01  
alcohol 50 14.76  
entertainment 50 649 Vancouver trip, car,food
bank fees 0 41.54  
savings 0    
debt repayment 0    
retirement 0    
education 0 1011.5 family planning conference, flight to atlanta
Income 0    
Spent 1290 3367.54  
Line   41.54  
Difference -1290 3326  

September was certainly over budget but I’m excited about a lot of the upcoming things so I can’t be to mad.

Over Budget

Rent: I paid less last month, so more this month. 

Utilities: First utilities at this house since June, so I can’t really complain. 

Transportation: I know I’m using car2go more and more, and I wrote about it here. I know I need to be a bit more aware of if I really ‘need’ to use it all these times or not. 

Groceries/Personal care: Groceries alone wasn’t this much, this also includes a hair cut that I probably spent too much on ($81) and medical/dental insurance I paid for my partner to be added onto my student plan ($193) for the year. That means I really only spent $181 on food, which is not too bad at all. 

Entertainment: I stole away to Vancouver for Labour Day weekend which was amazing and random and so worth it. 

School: I was given the opportunity to attend a really exciting conference on family planning, so I jumped at the chance. Sadly it’s super far away and plane tickets aren’t cheap. YOLO for reproductive rights, right?

Current Net Worth: -34 800.17

I hate doing this now, but I am a bit glad to constantly be aware of what my situation is instead of having a big surprise when I graduate (re: what I did during my last two degrees).

Goal Progress:

Financial Goals

1. Stay on budget for life expenses.

Certainly didn’t do this, and I will stop making excuses.

2. Continue to track my spending.

I’m on it! I’m glad that even if I’m not on budget at least I’m aware of what’s on the go.

How was your month?


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