Exciting News Pt 2

More exciting news! I’m very fortunate to say that I have some more great things on the go in short term.

I’ve become very involved in Med Students for Choice at my school and I will be attending a Family Planning Conference in Atlanta in November! If on the very off chance that you are reading this and attending please let me know! I’m very, very excited to learn more and network with med students and physicians across North America dedicated to reproductive health access. Basically I’m geeking out, so I’m sure this is not the last time you will hear about it.

I’ve also been selected as a co-President for a student club on campus related to prison health! Very new territory for me and I’m very honoured to develop my knowledge and skill around providing services, medical care, and creating equitable research to better serve our incarcerated populations, who are dis-proportionally people of colour, Aboriginal, living in poverty and/or living with mental illness.

So I’ve certainly met my goal this month of getting involved- in a much bigger way than I ever expected! I’m flattered and excited and just so lucky to have these great opportunities come my way in the short time I’ve been at school.

Get involved in your school kids! You never know where it can lead!


2 thoughts on “Exciting News Pt 2

  1. Good for you, your prison health group sounds very interesting. This is a passion area of mine and one that deserves some serious attention from our medical professionals in Canada!

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