Exciting News

Little educational update, I won a scholarship!

Woo! I’m $2100 up, or rather, off, my tuition thanks to a very generous memorial fund!

I’m still waiting back to hear from other one I applied so, but so far I’m half way to one of my big goals of the month!

Always fill out any bursary, award or scholarship information folks- I hadn’t even heard of this scholarship before and it was an automatic entry when I filled out my student aid information. If you are working hard enough to get into school- ensure you put a little more work into getting some extra help to put towards tuition or living expenses.

It’s getting harder for me to conceptualize money now that I have this ridiculous credit line, but this extra $2100 now saves me not only that money, but saves me from taking it off my credit line and accruing 3% interest every year.

Go student awards!


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