Costs of Not Having a Car

In the ever-decreasing moments I’m not studying, thinking about studying or worried I’m not studying enough, I’m wondering about my money and increasingly, money on transportation.

This blog has featured my hilarious experiences and justifications around car-ownership and even though I keep trying to do creative math, every way I cut it, I can’t afford a car right now. But oh mango I would like one.

As another attempt to try to math my way out of this, I did a little analysis of the costs associated with renting cars since we moved. This new place is way closer to school and work, but we can’t walk to get groceries anymore. I also am getting a little more conscious of ‘wasting’ time on walking (which is ridiculous I know) so I’ve been taking a car2go more and more.

Here is my transportation breakdown since June

119.54 in Car2go; 92.45 in rental cars

188 in Car2go; 296.93 in rental cars

140.43 in Car2go; 209.57 in rental cars

177.91 in Car2go; 150 in rental cars

Since June, I’ve spent $625.95 on car2go’s alone and another $749.07 on rental cars for various trips.¬†This is 1375.02 in just 4 months, which is $343.75 on average per month. Holy poop .

Yes, this was mostly summer trips and road trips, but that is still no small amount. And yes, this is a cost that I split 50% with my partner, but this is food for thought for me.

I know that car insurance alone would be about $170-200/month in total, and likely even with having a car I would use a car2go to go downtown to avoid paying for parking, but this is the highest transportation budget I’ve ever had, including when I had a car.

For city-living people, how much on average do you spend on transportation, including car insurance, gas, parking, payments, maintenance, etc. Is $340 (170 each) a steal?


2 thoughts on “Costs of Not Having a Car

  1. that is a steal! keeping in mind that I drive 50 km a day for work, so gas is a bit more for me, I spend about $650.00 a month on transportation costs.

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