Overheard at Medical School

So as a former sexy worker, aka sexual health worker, now making a foray back into school and straight into the world of apolitical medicine I’ve had some interesting conversations and observations so far.

Certainly  my class is a very diverse bunch and has a wide range of knowledge and experience about topics, but yet even a few months in, immigration, the ‘Third World’, HIV, abortion, sexuality and birth control have come up in various ways.

Most people are awesome and on it, but here is a list of hilarious (and not so hilarious) all true things I have overheard at school so far.

HIV is transmitted by working with lab monkeys

Abortion is something that once you get one, you are bound to get another and another

We as doctors should be allowed to deny abortion because it is such a bad ethical dilemma

Although 14 yr olds don’t technically need a parent consent to get an abortion, we should get one anyway because it is such a serious decision

People with chronic diseases should be restricted from immigrating to Canada

The ‘Third World’ has diseases that are getting over here because of massive immigration

Guess which two (and only two) didn’t come from my professors who are practicing doctors. 

Share your yikes in the comments.



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