August Spending


Oh monkey it’s basically September!

First whole month at med school, let’s see how my money went:

  Aug predicted Aug Actual Difference Reason
Rent 480 293.75 186.25  
Utilities 140 0 140  
transportation 60 350 -290 car rental and gas, car2go for groceries
phone 40 40 0  
groceries/personal care 300 83 217  
restaurant 50 34.73 15.27  
clothes 0 62.99 -62.99  
gifts 0 36.74 -36.74  
alcohol 50 48.68 1.5  
entertainment 50 193 -143 25 for canoe, 80 for formal tickets, 60 cash
bank fees 15 15 0  
savings 0 0 0  
debt repayment 0 339.67 -339.67 clerical error, loan interest
retirement 0 0    
education 0 248.24 -248.24 practise license and app
Income 0      
Spent 1185 1745.8 -560.62  
Line   39.5    
Difference -1185 -1706.3   student loan/grant
  personal savings rate:      

Okay so way better than July right???

And I only added $39.5 to my credit line this month! Little victories folks.

I was over budget, but half wasn’t even my fault!

Over Budget

Transportation: car2go is my life now, so I’ll have to figure out something soon. Just got a free bus pass so that might help??

Clothes: While I didn’t actually buy any clothes, which was my (unwritten) goal, I did buy a nice watch. (Read: my first watch ever that I didn’t use exclusively for track splits)

Gifts: Bought Cards against Humanity! Worth it. 

Entertainment: I did buy tickets to an event I didn’t even go to, so that pretty much put me over for no reason. That’s some solid finances right?

Debt repayment: This is the part that kinda sort isn’t my fault! I’m back in school and so wasn’t supposed to have to make OSAP payments but the paperwork didn’t go through so I had to make one more $300 payment in August. Yes I paid a loan from another loan. Yes I’m a finance superstar.

School: I don’t think this really counts as over-budget or not because I did need to pay for a practice license to be able to actually do part of my school and I got a cool studying app on my phone. So responsible 🙂

Net worth Change:

Hahaha, certainly don’t want to do these so much anymore. . .

Current Net Worth: -31432.63!

Less barf this month. I did get a big student loan in so I’m planning on counting on what I’ve spent out of it so far instead of the full amount

Goal Progress:

Financial Goals

1. Stay on budget for life expenses.

Well I didn’t totally stay on budget, but I’m going to give myself a solid B for effort.

2. Continue to track my spending.

Heck yes! I love tracking and even though sometimes I feel like I don’t have time it’s probably like 2 mins worth of work a day.

How was your month?


2 thoughts on “August Spending

  1. Thank you for this blog and for deciding to record your finance. I have only started to do mine this year and I wish I did sooner ! Those small “nothing” can really add up. It will be interesting for me to see the different between north america and the UK in term of budget 🙂 (a nice watch will be my next splurge too ;))

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