Check in with August Goals

August is almost over and my brain is starting to hurt from school, so let’s see how my goals went this month!

Financial Goals

1. Stay on budget

I haven’t totally finished the crunching, but I know it’s off already because I had to make a payment to my previous student loan ($300) that I wasn’t planning on.

2. Keep on tracking my spending.

Heck yes! I love to track my spending aka my debt racking up.

3. No shopping for all of August.

Well almost done. I didn’t buy any clothes (which is what I meant, of course. . . .) but I did buy a nice watch that I sort of need for school. It didn’t need to be $60 and fashionable, but hey, it is and it works.


Personal Goals

1. Keep running 4-5 x a week.

Heck yes! I’m slowly getting used to the 11-13 hr days of class and studying, but running is not going anywhere. I even have nerdy medical podcasts to listen to.

2. Attend three school social events.

I think I did this too, so woo!

3. Bring food to school every day and don’t buy anything at the cafeteria!

Again, a big almost. I didn’t buy any meals, all I bought all month was a large chocolate milk for $2.80 and a coffee I didn’t even drink for $1.80. So. . . . like 90% done?

How was your August???


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