Musings on birth control packaging

A little while ago I was talking with a friend and realized that among Yasmin, Ella, Lola, Chaya, Jadelle, Yaz, I wasn’t sure if I was speaking about my other female friends or various types of birth control.

For the sake of this not turning into a bad observational humor piece, I realize that a majority of birth control products do have very non-human names and potentially are very hard to differentiate (Ortho-cyclen vs. Tri-cyclen for example).

But how many condoms or even erectile dysfunction drugs are have male-sounding names? Would you ever see a condom called Fred? Chad? or even the perfect condom brand, Dick?

I’m very curious about the reasoning behind these advertising and packaging choices. I’m lucky (or unlucky) enough to not yet have a birth control or women’s health medicine named after me, even though I have a very common white name.

Is there a reason they choose women’s names? Names that are less common in English-speaking North America?

To the lady-folks out there, do female-name branded medicines seem more accessible or memorable to you or just strange to be consuming a pill named after your classmate?


3 thoughts on “Musings on birth control packaging

  1. Good observation! There are so many birth control pill formulations out there and the drug names are long (often with varying doses of drug) that conventional generic names would be a nightmare! I’d love to reblog this if it’s OK with you.

  2. Reblogged this on Choose Control and commented:
    Leena, Cryselle, and Loryna! Ever notice how the names for your birth control pills are very different from all your other medications? Even the packaging is distinct and unlike any others. What do you think about the names…easy to remember or just silly? How about the packaging…does it help you keep track of pills?

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