July Spending


I know I missed a whole month for the sake of progress I’m going to just pick up where I left off and give you my hilariously terrible monthly budget for July.

  July predicted July Actual Difference Reason
Rent 0 0    
Utilities 140 0    
transportation 60 484.35 -424.35 change license address, three rental cars
phone 40 37 3  
groceries/personal care 300 342.41 -42.41 garage sale stuff
restaurant 50 268.85 -218.85  
clothes 0 289.01 -289.01 consignment store
gifts 0 8200 -8200
alcohol 50 104.62 -54.62  
entertainment 50 251.25 -201.25 canoeing membership , movie, cultural festivals
bank fees 15 16.5 -1.5  
savings 0 1223    
debt repayment 300 309.23    
retirement 0      
education   8368.98   desk chair, police check, printer, paper, ink, fall tuition, lab coat, steth, thank you cards, mini notepads, membership fees, clicker
Income 0 24884.21   1200 from planned savings, 15557.78 from line, 134 from gst, 1350 from old damage deposit, 4910 AB student loans
Spent 1005 19895.2 4337.42  
Line   15557.78    
Difference -1005 4989.01    
  personal savings rate:      


So basically this is what happens when you aren’t working for the month and you decide to reward yourself at every turn because ‘well you did just get into medical school.’

It’s quite hilarious to me how fast I can just poop my pants financially. I did give a good amount of money to my family, but I won’t get into this here. Regardless, that is only half of the cause of this crazy month. Hopefully August will be better!!!


For sake of understanding, I do not have an income, but I’m putting down the money I take out of my credit line as ‘income’. Yes, that’s a weird thing to do. But I’m also keeping score of how much I actually spend from credit and it will be a new feature on my budgets. I also plan to update my quarterlies with debt totals just for total transparency.

Over Budget

Transportation: Changed my license and rented a car three times for all the fun. 

Grocery/personal care: got some cool things at a garage sale.

Gifts: Yep, over budget. That’s all she wrote about that 🙂

Alcohol: You can see a trend here of ‘all the fun’ right?

Entertainment: See above. 

Clothes: Yes I spent a good amount of money, but I got it all at an amazing consignment store so I regret nothing. I got a Michael Kors dress for $33! And running tights for $7!

Net worth Change:

Hahaha, certainly don’t want to do these so much anymore. . .

Current Net Worth: -30507.78!


Goal Progress:

Financial Goals

1. Stay on budget for life expenses.

Bahahaha, absolutely not.

2. Continue to track my spending.

I’m glad that yes, I did do this. I’m going to face the music of my terrible decisions. 🙂

How was your month?


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