Back to School

Since July 23rd I have officially been back to school!

Which means back to:

  • Studying
  • Paying tuition
  • and most importantly,

Trying to figure out this new schedule!

I know I have been very quiet. On my end I’m not bananas busy but working on going from 9-5 for the last 3-ish years back to 8-6 of classes and studying my brains out on top of it (and occasionally dissecting brains as well). I’m also not sure about writing a blog called Prosperous Not for Profit when I’m no longer in the nonprofit world. Maybe I’ll just carry on with the occasional sexual health + money stuff and you all can dig it? Maybe not, but I’ll work on it and I will do my best to either keep this a regular thing or be transparent about my priorities.

Also I’m unsure about what you all would think about watching me accrue more debt!

What should I do with the blog folks? Would you still read it even as I become a raccoon-eyed medical student living on the dream of scholarships and income to come?


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