Check in with June Goals

June has just been whizzing by as I’m slowly getting my mind straight and focused on ending work, going back to school and getting back on the student debt train.

Mostly I’ve been away because I’ve been on a bit of a shopping spree, but once I get over the guilt I’ll talk about it! Anyways, how did I do on my June goals?

1. Get back into running slowly. Run at least 4 times a week with at least one structured run (5k or longer) a week.

Check! I’ve been running between 4-6 times a week all month and this past week I’ve built up to a solid 6k pace, as well as mixing in some pilates. I am hoping to start a more structured running schedule next week.  I’m feeling way stronger and very ready to build up to my pre-pneumonia fitness levels. 

2. Finalize details for my student line of credit.

Done! I actually finalized this in the last days of May and early days of June. I’m all set up with my line, credit card and chequing account. And I haven’t touched the line!

3. Cancel credit card to consolidate accounts with line of credit company and home bank

Done! This was surprisingly easy. I cancelled my first every credit card with an easy phone call.

4. Finalize moving details- rent truck, start packing, start cleaning. Oh and move!

Done! Moving was a breeze and not even 2 weeks into the new place we are basically all set up, organized and decorated!

5. Update address on all documents- insurance, banking, government, bills, etc.

90% done. Everything is changed except my health card.

6. Cancel all pre-authorized payments from my accounts.

Done! Again, super easy to just pay out my insurance for the year and cancel my pre-authorized payments. Banking is very easy when you know what is going on! 

7. Make plans to hang out with coworkers at least 1 more time before I leave and have a plan to stay in touch.

Done! Had some nice drinks and parties with friends and coworkers outside work and hopefully will have a little something at the new place before school gets going!

6.9/7, not too bad at all- How was your month?


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