New Financial Goals

I’ve met both of my 2014 financial goals and it’s only half way through the year!It’s pretty good timing, even though I didn’t plan it.

This is all excellent and I’m very proud and excited, but the truth is that it calls for more goals.

Since this next 6 months will include my transition from full time work into full time school (debt), my priorities are changing for sure.

2nd Half of 2014 Financial Goals:

  1. Stay below a monthly living expenses budget of $1450.

  2. Stay on top of tracking all expenses, doing month-end, quarterly and yearly reports.

So not exciting, I know.

I’m sad to realize that this next part of my life will not be full of awesome, savings-goal-smashing months, but with all opportunities come sacrifices right?

I mostly just want to keep on keeping on with all of the great financial skills I’ve used this past year, and help keep me under budget and keep this line of credit living as minimal as possible.

This is the first time that I’m in school and not financially drunk, so this is going to be very interesting. I’m confident that I will be able to carry forward all my financial skills through school and not fall back into my ‘I’m too busy to do this I’m a student’ mode of yesteryear.

I will also aim to have monthly financial goals and perhaps once school settles in have some monthly challenges where I aim to spend as little as possible.


Bring on the next six months !


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