More Space, Cheaper Rent

In non-medical school news (well, only slightly related) my partner and I are moving very soon!

As much as I very much love our fancy downtown condo with a dishwasher, in suite laundry and constant construction in the background we found a much more affordable basement apartment literally 5 mins walking from the hospital where I will be going to school and he works.


It’s also three bedrooms!
Right now we pay $1350 with everything included except internet, and I pay slightly more of half at 750/month, and the new place will be $980/month in rent with 50% split of the utilities with the neighbours upstairs (also med students).
I’m interested to see how the numbers will work out. It will be $490/month in rent each and hopefully no more than $200/month in utilities each during the coldest winter months, for an estimate of about $690 (with seasonal variance of course)

We haven’t worked out all the details but I think we will also split the internet with them, so perhaps the $690 will also include that, which is great!

More space, less commute and cheaper-how’s that for a personal finance win!


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