June Goals

I’m so relieved to finally have a life plan that is certain for the next 3 years!
That being said, it’s also scary to know this is my last full month before medical school starts. It’s going to be full of changes and emotions. My last day at work is the 20th and I’m moving near the end of the month as well.

There is certainly a lot of things I need to get done, so how about some goals to guide this:

1. Get back into running slowly. Run at least 4 times a week with at least one structured run (5k or longer) a week.
2. Finalize details for my student line of credit.
3. Cancel credit card to consolidate accounts with line of credit company and home bank
4. Finalize moving details- rent truck, start packing, start cleaning. Oh and move!
5. Update address on all documents- insurance, banking, government, bills, etc.
6. Cancel all pre-authorized payments from my accounts.
7. Make plans to hang out with coworkers at least 1 more time before I leave and have a plan to stay in touch.

Busy month ahead!


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