End of May 2014

Oh monkey.

May was a shit show. I barely even want to talk about this, but I will because I am a good personal finance blogger.

It looks nutso but it’s actually not so bad because a) I used 1960 from my emergency fund as a deposit/1st month’s rent because I’m moving and b) I started to dip into my planned savings for tuition. This was mostly used for school things . . . .

  May predicted May Actual Difference Reason
Rent 750 2726.55 -1976.55 rent, plus deposit/1st month at place; 1960 from EF
Utilities 87 87.66 -0.66  
transportation 70 422.8 -352.8 passport, car2go ticket 😦
phone 40 48 -8  
groceries/personal care 250 297.96 -47.96  
restaurant 50 93.64 -43.64  
clothes 50 244.59 -194.59 Bag (144) BR cardigan (16), flats (40), 2 shirts (44)
gifts 50 151.06 -101.06  
alcohol 60 35.97 24.03  
travel 0 498.91 -498.91 From Planned Savings
entertainment 100 59.9 40.1  
education 0 697.9   From Planned Savings
bank fees 15 27.5 -12.5  
savings 500 1177 -677  
debt repayment 500 457 43  
retirement 50 50 0  
Income 2700 7025.28   448 from partner; 1960 from EF; 1515.28 from planned savings; 400 from relative
spent 2572 7076.44 -4504.44  
Difference 128 -51.16 -3806.54  
  personal savings rate: 17.4%    

Over Budget

Rent: Deposit and first month’s rent at the new place. 

Transportation: I got my passport this month, which I think counts as transportation. And I got an embarrassing ticket driving a car2go. First ticket ever! 

Groceries/personal care: My ‘personal care’ was actually present this month as I had tons of meds to buy to get over my pneumonia and then I had a bit of salon time. 

Eating out: Went out to eat to celebrate my med school decision! Yes, this was a month of celebrating 🙂

Clothes: See ‘celebrating this month’. Haha. I did want to go out and buy a car, but my very kind and smart partner reminded me of how bad an idea that was. I did buy a nice new Matt and Nat purse and some clothes. I think there will be more clothes to come and I’m not even sorry.

Gifts: I bought some plants for my references as a modest thanks for helping me make it. Spread the celebration around right!

Travel: After I found out I got in I figured I should see my parents, since I hadn’t seen them in over a year.

Education: Had to pay a school deposit, do some first aid and get lots of immunizations done. This was out of my planned savings.

Bank fees: Boo. Had to pay for some transfers, drafts, etc.  

Net worth Change:

End of April Net Worth: -6328.94

Current Net Worth: -8593.52

Difference: an increase of -2264.58 (wah, wah) or -35% . This is my own personal recession! I will get back a 1350 deposit from my current apartment  so I will replenish my emergency fund. Sadly, this is the start of a long line of negative net worth statements to come!

Goal Progress:

Financial Goals

1. Save at least $6000 for potential tuition for Sept 2014

This was done last month! Thank goodness, because I’m already dipping into it.

2. Continue to save up $1000 for a trip

This was done last month as well!

2 for 2 overall! I think I’ll make some new, med school-related goals.

Personal Goals

1. Get out of the city at least once a month.

Done! I visited my family in Ontario.

2. Go on a trip with my partner to somewhere we both haven’t been before.

This was done last month 🙂

3. Try to chill out about future school plans. Minimize worry/obsessively checking application statuses.

Now I’m onto full-on celebration/buy everything mode haha.

4. Plan more event/activity based dates with my partner and friends.

Being sick really put a hamper on all social plans, but I did have a great little party this month at my apartment! Hopefully not the last, but soon to be 😦

May was full of so many emotions for me. Lots of pain and exhaustion, excitement, and celebration. I’m so so thankful and humbled by this great opportunity I’ve been given. Bring on all the other emotions!!!!!

How was your month?



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