May Goals Update

I thought this month would be bananas, and I was absolutely correct.  My goals were going great up until pneumonia came out of nowhere and I finally got into med school (although I still can’t believe it).

So how did I do against my goals?

May Goals

1. Run 21 days in a row.

This was going so well! I managed to do 14 days in a row, including one day that I later learned I had pneumonia . . . . .But yes, my lungs basically quit on me and I’ve had to take the last 2 weeks off. I’m so happy to be getting back into it, but I’m trying to go very slow and just go as far as my lungs will take me, which is about 20-25 mins right now. I’m hoping next week I can attempt more structured (but still slow) runs like a 5 k.

2. Decide about next financial goals, specifically what to do with this ‘extra’ $700 a month I have.

This I actually did! I wrote about it here and I had actually made two plans for the future. Getting into medical school was such an amazing surprise, but absolutely will impact my finances. I’m starting school in July, so I only have about 1 more month left of work, so next month that full $700 (or more if I can manage) will go towards my tuition goal.

3. Just finally lean into the crazy and be nervous and bananas about school just because I’m me.

Low hanging fruit right? Running at first was totally awesome because it kept me so grounded, but then I was just totally obsessed during the week I knew I would hear back. Fun fact, I found out I got in while I was at work and I had a silent jumping and screaming party in the staircase!

4. Move forward with educational plans whatever they may be!

Heck yes! Medical school is so exciting and overwhelming, but is also giving me such a personal finance hard-on it’s unreal. The financial plans I made I think are just out of this world. I’m eager to post my already drafted school bare bones budget and projected total debt load after these three years. Keep your eyes peeled and help me pretend that taking on six figures of debt is a great idea!

I give myself a solid 3.5/4, maybe even a 4/4 because I ran as much as I could despite getting so sick!


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