Life Update

I’ve been quiet this past week because life just starting happening!

First, my increasingly painful and annoying cough turned out to be pneumonia which had me pretty much sidelined.

And then,

I found out I got into medical school!

My head is still spinning (and my lungs are only starting to catch up). This has been my dream since high school and words can’t even come to close to how I’m feeling. I literally keep expecting them to email me back and be like, oh whoops we made a mistake go away now bye!

I’m going to be the first person in my entire family, as far back as at least my great-grandparents to become a doctor and this humbling truth is not lost on me.

And of course, this has huge (like $$$ $$$!) money implications. Line of Credit, Student Loan, Back to School budget- there’s so much to come!

OH ya, and school starts in July.

I’m going to do my best to keep this updated and I may slide more into the ‘medical school personal finance’ theme but I’ll just keep my mind open.



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