The ‘extra’ $700

One of my goals this month (and actually the only financial goals) is to figure out what to do with my savings.

My primary goal  had been to save $6000 for potential tuition, and I made it !

So now what to do with the $700/month I was using to contribute to this goal.

I’m still a bit unsure about my life, but in less an a week (EEEKK!) I will hopefully know if I got into school or not. But this whole year has basically been waiting for this, so I figure let’s make two plans depending on what happens with school.

Plan #1. Don’t get into school

Split the $700: put $200 extra a month to my student loan and save $500 a month.

I’m not sure what the next big savings goal will be, but I’ll start at this split because I know I need to put more towards my student loan. Doing this from May-August would result in an extra $800 put towards my student loan and would edge me towards my original plan to put $400/month to student loans this whole year. This may be the start of me actually throwing a bunch of money at the loan instead of hording money in my savings account.

Plan #2: Get into school (?!?!)

Poop my pants.

Restrain myself from buying everything in sight and going on a world tour.

But then probably just continue to put that $700 into savings to try to bolster a large amount for school costs.


2 thoughts on “The ‘extra’ $700

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