IUD Update

Mandatory Disclaimer because people Google all kinds of weird medical stuff: This post is in no way meant to endorse or discourage anyone from getting a hormonal IUD or IUD of any kind. Birth control is a highly personal choice that must be talked about in great detail with your health care provider, partner(s) and you. Please do not google forums and blogs and assume someone’s bad or positive experience with a particular birth control means you will have the same experience

The box the IUD comes in. That white T shape is the actual size of the IUD

My uterus says she is doing great with the new Mirena (hormonal) IUD tenant!

A couple of months ago I wrote about the financial sides of birth control here and mentioned that I was getting an intra-uterine device (IUD). So I got one! It’s taken me some time to actually write about it because life is life and also because I’ve had a very interesting experience so far!

I choose the Mirena (hormonal) IUD for many reasons

  • I wanted long-term, very effective birth control. The Mirena IUD is over 99% effective and is more effective than sterilization.
  • It is reversible
  • I’ve used hormonal birth control before with good results (no babies)
  • It is one of the cheapest forms of birth control over time
  • I finally have drug insurance through my work so I can afford to get it!

I’d been planning on getting an IUD for about 2 years so I was very excited to actually get it inserted! Part of my current job involves talking to people about birth control and answering really every question they have and my past job actually involved me prepping IUD instruments for doctors to insert, so I have a very good understanding about IUDs in general.

However, I used to tell people the insertion doesn’t hurt.

This is where experience can really marry well with knowledge and understanding. It certainly is not pain free. The doctor told me that she describes it as a very ominous “pain you can’t describe.” Which I think is hilariously terrifying to tell people. It’s weird. It’s a pain inside your uterus that is not like cramps and not like anything someone who has never been pregnant would ever feel before. It’s weird, it hurts, but it’s super fast. It took me about 10 mins from start to the end of the insertion and I think I’m being generous- it might have even been more like 6 mins.

That was alright overall. And that is where most people’s stories with IUDs stop. But I had a very rare and still random to everyone experience right after the IUD insertion.

Right after the insertion I started to feel a bit faint so I sat down and basically passed out, and to my surprise and delight, loss control of my bladder. I woke up with all the receptionists and doctors standing over me trying to figure out what’s wrong. As a result of that spectacular show of bravery and fortitude, the doctor said that this had never happened in the 4000+ IUDs they inserted at this clinic and we need to look into this further. An urgent ultrasound, blood work, neurology consult, EKG, echocardiogram and holter monitor later I finally went back to the doctor and was told everything came back normal- I do infact have a heart and a brain that appear to be working well for now. I’m just a sensitive, random, pee-in-your-pants fainter.

But the IUD itself is fine! After a day of cramps, maybe 3-4 days of light spotting. I’m back on my jam and just living life with the IUD in me. Now that all of these appointments are over I’m looking forward to thinking about the IUD less!

I might even figure out when the IUD has paid for itself! Stay tuned for more uterus updates!


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