May Goals

This month is going to be coco-nutso for me so even thinking about having goals is stressing me out! But I need them, so here goes nothing.

May Goals.

1. Run 21 days in a row.

2. Decide about next financial goals, specifically what to do with this ‘extra’ $700 a month I have.

3. Just finally lean into the crazy and be nervous and bananas about school just because I’m me.

4. Move forward with educational plans whatever they may be!

What are your May plans??


4 thoughts on “May Goals

  1. Good luck with your goals! My May goals are to survive the weekend craziness – I either have a monster training day or a marketing event on every weekend day this month. Erp.

  2. May Goals:
    – Bring lunch 4 days a week to work- ALL MONTH!
    – Get back to the pool- at least once a week
    – Pay tax bill 😦

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