End of April Update

April 2014

  April predicted April Actual Difference Reason
Rent 750 844.5 -94.5 94.5 home things
Utilities 63 112.5 -49 tenant insurance
transportation 70 111.13 -41.13 car 2 go
phone 40  37    
groceries/personal care 250 78.46    
restaurant 50 2.76    
clothes 50 76.49 -26.49  running shoes and headphones
gifts 0      
alcohol 60  6    
entertainment 50      
bank fees 15 17.5    
savings 700 858.13    
debt repayment 300 300    
retirement 50 50    
Income 2700 2803  $100 Easter Surprise 🙂
spent 2448 2836.47    
Difference 852  -36.47    
  personal savings rate:  32.3%  

*This budget does not include the trip to Vancouver. This came out of my planned spending category and I had $600 saved. I’m still waiting on the final total and I will talk about it in detail when I have it!

Over Budget

Rent: I put some house stuff in this category. 

Utilities: We finally got tenant insurance! So this extra money is the first payment that is 2 months worth of insurance. Going forward, it should be $24/month, so I’ll increase this category to reflect that. Insurance makes me feel like a real adult!

Transportation: Trying to get out more with the car2g0, so it brings more costs.

Clothes: I got a great deal on running shoes (only $44.50!) and bought new running headphones.  

Net worth Change:

End of Feb Net Worth: -6723.43

Current Net Worth: -6328.94!

Difference: an increase of $394.49 or 5.86% I used up the $600 saved for the trip.

Goal Progress:

Financial Goals

1. Save at least $6000 for potential tuition for Sept 2014

I’m at 100% of this goal! Yes I moved some things around, that spoke about here, but I’m so happy to say I’m there!

2. Continue to save up $1000 for a trip

I saved up $600 and spent it on the trip to Vancouver, so I consider this one done as well 🙂

2 for 2 overall! Time to get some new goals !

Personal Goals

1. Get out of the city at least once a month.

2. Go on a trip with my partner to somewhere we both haven’t been before.

These two goals were combined on the Vancouver trip! Yay!

3. Try to chill out about future school plans. Minimize worry/obsessively checking application statuses.

Well this was my plan pretty much most of the month, but now I’m slowly creeping into panic territory.

4. Plan more event/activity based dates with my partner and friends.

I’ve been working a bit more this month but I did manage to start a little reproductive justice meet-up that hopefully goes forward.

April was a bit weird for me, but I’m glad to see it almost over! Bring on May anxiety and/or relief!

How was your month?


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