Financial Goal Reached! (mostly)

You may or may not have noticed the quiet changes I made to my financial progress bar.

I couldn’t stand being just so dang close to my tuition goal of $6000 I finally allowed myself to temporarily move around some money from my emergency fund to reach my tuition savings goal. I had constantly been thinking about the extra little bit I needed to reach this goal, so I moved $209 from emergency savings to my tuition savings.

Now I have $6000 for potential tuition! A full 4 months before my goal date!

This was all actually very anti-climatic because I keep both of these funds in my TFSA and just have an excel file that lists how much of the total goes to which savings goal.

The anti-climatic vibe was a bit interesting too because I had really been looking forward to this day for a while and had a lot of expectations about how relieved, safe, secure and/or happy I would be.

Don’t get me wrong, I do feel very good! But I do feel a little less good knowing that next month I’m going to have to just finally top up that emergency fund – after that maybe I will feel excited relieved.

So kinda sorta yay! Well mostly yay I think! YAY ME ! (In case no one else thinks so).

Is it just me or when financial goals get really close you just can’t help but do everything to just reach them!?

Now my next big task is to determine what to do with this ‘extra’ $700 a month . . . .


One thought on “Financial Goal Reached! (mostly)

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