April Monthly Goal Check In

Quiet times!

Sorry I’ve been so silent. Got back from my little road trip and basically need another vacation from my vacation but I’m slowly getting back into it. More details and pictures from Vancouver to come!

But let’s check in with my goals for April

1. Stay on budget for the Vancouver trip ($600 or less)

Pending! Still waiting for the final total of the car rental and gas. I’m guessing if I did go over it was by about $100. I’m planning on doing a detailed budget breakdown of this trip in a later post.

2. Register for a 10k

Not done! Life is busy lately and my running schedule was a bit weird this month so right now I’m just focusing on getting in as many runs as I can instead of training for a 10k. There also looks like some fun runs coming up so I’ll plan to run something else soon.

3. Contribute an extra $100 min to my tuition savings goal

Completed! Finally a goal to save my sorry ass this month. I was doing amazing as I got a surprise GST cheque and put it all towards savings! BUT, the next day I got a correction and had to send all that money back to the government. Boo. As of right now I have saved an extra $158 to my tuition savings goal!

4. Try not to freak out about school decisions in May

Hahahaha. Good try you. Good news is life has been so busy I’ve barely thought about it, but now the countdown is on!

Let’s hope you did better than my sad 1/4 this month. How were your monthly goals?


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