I’m going to Vancouver!


I’m very excited to report that I figured that there is no time like the present to visit the amazing Vancouver, especially since I’m living closer than ever to it. I’ve wanted to visit Vancouver for as long as I can remember so I’m really looking forward to this!

Even more exciting is that neither me or my partner have been there- so this is hitting one of my big goals of the year, to visit a place we both haven’t been before! This is also my first ever long road trip so I’m pretty pumped (and hoping for good weather!)

The plan:

Drive to Vancouver with a rental car, stay at a downtown-esque Airbnb and check out all the city has to offer, including the spring cherry blossoms.

The financial breakdown so far:

Car rental 4 days: $95 ( I still can’t get over this incredible quote. Being 25 and not having to pay ridiculous car rental fees is amazing)

Airbnb 4 nights: $377

This leaves about $130 for food and fun. We will likely be splitting the food, fun and gas, so I’ll update that when we return.

For folks who have visited Vancouver, do you have any ideas of must-see places, cafes, and restaurants ?


4 thoughts on “I’m going to Vancouver!

  1. This sounds amazing! Your budget is solid and I’m so jealous that you will see the cherry blossoms! Have an amazing time and keep us updated 🙂

  2. You have to take a water taxi to Granville island, the taxi is very cheap and you can hope on and off all day. Granville island has tons of free entertainment and lots of very cheap and yummy food/snacks to have. My favorite place to eat is the Afghan Horseman, very affordable, huge portions and the most delicious food EVER!!! Since you have a car, if you have time take a drive to White Rock and eat at any of the delicious fish and chips joints on the waterfront!

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