End of March Update

End of March

  Mar predicted Mar Actual Difference
Rent 750 750  
Utilities 63 89.75 -26.75
transportation 100 157 -57
phone 40 39 +1
groceries/personal care 350 374.77 -24.77
restaurant 50 35.4 +14.6
clothes 0 80 -80
gifts 90 140 -50
alcohol 40 80.67 -40.67
entertainment 150 49.9 +100
bank fees 15 15  
savings 700 1431  
debt repayment 300 300  
retirement 50 50  
Income 2700 4197.02  
Spent 2698 3592.49  
Difference 2 604.53  
  personal savings rate: 35.02%  

Over Budget

(well everything)

Utilities: I put the tax software here and just forgot to budget for it last month.

Transportation: I used car2go a number of times to get around to interesting events and rented a car this month, so not too bad considering all the driving!

Groceries/personal care: This month I raised this by $100 to get my passport, but I didn’t do that. Good thing, because the IUD Rx was $95 and my partner and I bought some house stuff for $93. Groceries themselves were relatively low !

Clothes: Yes, I had a bit of a spring impulse buy, but for $80 I finally bought heels and a pretty blouse.

Gifts: I got my partner a pretty cool DIY beer kit that has everything including all the technical equipment you need like thermometers, etc, which I saw everywhere else for over $200.

Alcohol: I need to increase this to be more realistic I guess. I met up with a friend twice for well-needed drinks.

Net worth Change:

End of Feb Net Worth: -9157.25

Current Net Worth: -6723.43!!

Difference: an increase of $2433.82 or 26.5%!! I love tax refunds!

This month was pretty great financially as I got my tax refund, my partner gave me a big portion of the money for the plane ticket and I managed to role over extra money into my savings goals!

Goal Progress:

Financial Goals

1. Save at least $6000 for potential tuition for Sept 2014

I’m at 82.1% of this goal! I’m so close I can feel it and I’m really going to push to make it their even faster!

2. Continue to save up $1000 for a trip

I’m at 50% of this goal! And I have a plan that will only need 600 now!

Personal Goals

1. Get out of the city at least once a month.

Went for a drive and an ill-fated ski/snowboard trip, but it is always nice to get out of the city

2. Go on a trip with my partner to somewhere we both haven’t been before.

Saving for this and now have a travel plan set! Heading to Vancouver for the Easter long weekend, but I’ll write more about that later!

3. Try to chill out about future school plans. Minimize worry/obsessively checking application statuses.

I’m actually doing this! I feel overall very zen and ‘whatever will be will be’, and I’ve been so busy with dates and travel plans that I’m surprised to say I’ve barely thought about it!

4. Plan more event/activity based dates with my partner and friends.

I’m doing this too! I went on a lovely Thai dinner date with my partner, went to the super fun Adult-only science centre night, went for a drive to the mountains, saw a free movie premier of Divergent ! Also got some drinks with coworkers and am steadily volunteering. Woo!

March has been pretty great for goals as I’ve hammered out all of them! Financially, socially and travel wise I’m doing pretty good and I’m pretty proud of myself. I’m excited to see Vancouver and to actually have plans instead of saying ‘one day we should really do x’

How was your month?


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