Monthly Goal Check In

It’s one month closer to the elusive spring (or at least non-winter!) How have I done on my monthly goals?

My March Monthly Goals:

1. Finish and submit my tax return jointly with my partner. 

Done ! And done early! I talked about finishing them using here

2. Go on two dates with my partner.

Done! We went to the Adult’s Only night at the science centre and attempted skiing/snowboarding.

Despite the adult only theme it was actually such a blast to play around like kids! The centre also had a live trio playing Mozart which was amazing. Great night for sure! The skiing and snowboarding was less of a blast because neither of us actually know how to ski or snowboard so we ended up with some additional props (read: cast and crutches). It was a beautiful drive out to the mountains and got to test drive the 2014 Toyota Camry so all was not totally lost!

3. Start training for a 10k race.

Done! I’m about half way done an 8 week plan to race a 10k. I still have to register but I’m hoping to run one by the end of April. It’s nice to go fast(er) for this race!

So 3/3 done- heck yes! It helps that these goals were mostly fun personal goals, but I’m proud nonetheless. You have to keep it personal in personal finance right?


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