Non Financial Feminist (Fictional) Hero

As a break to regular personal finance beat, here is an ode to one of my biggest fictional heroes: the ever amazing Feminist Hero Leslie Knope!

Parks and Recreation is one of my favourite shows and I could go one forever about how the main character, Leslie Knope, is a feminist hero and is a overall amazing female character.

Why is Leslie Knope so great?

  • She openly, proudly and literally eats on camera. I know this sounds obvious, but so often female characters are seen as always dieting/exercising/not eating or not ever eating on camera. Knope loves her breakfast foods and it makes her a real, eating person!
  • Leslie Knope has a leadership role in the city’s parks department and later runs for city council. She always works as hard as she can, often to other people’s annoyance. Yet despite this she continues to show 100% determination, always does her best and strives to seek more leadership and power even when the odds are stacked against her. She is no dependent-on-a-partner lady!
  • Leslie loves her friends and partner dearly and always makes time for them. This might be a small thing, but I think it actively works to challenge the stereotype of leadership/powerful women as heartless bitches/old maids. She has a successful personal life, people respect and like her, and she is a powerhouse at work.
  • She challenges everyone’s stereotypes of her. She is never afraid to show up men around the office, whether it’s in hunting, math, or pretty much everything. Leslie is not afraid to be her intelligent self.
  • Leslie is not perfect either. She loves a lot of things and works hard at almost everything, but she hilariously hates many people and places (namely their rival town). She is not afraid to cut straight to the point and tell people how she feels.

I know she’s not real, but some days I just need to believe in my own personal Leslie Knope.

To make a good thing even better, Amy Poehler, who plays Leslie Knope is a badass amazing feminist woman herself, for countless reasons. Most recently, she has a website and a video series called Ask Amy where she talks about great issues for young people like body image, relationships and being confident in who you are.

So thank you Leslie Knope and thank you Amy Poehler for being amazing and the best.


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