Talking back to my car dreams

I’ve written before about my love-hate relationship with cars in general, particularly how my first car helped to quickly drain my bank account and my sanity. And my recent rambling car dreams

These were my ridiculous and bad personal finance justifications for wanting a car.

  • My city is built for cars and does not have a very reliable public transit system that often take longer than biking:
Reality: Yes my city is built for cars but as it stands, I work less than 2k from my home, the grocery store is a 5 min walk and I’m a 10 min walk from a beautiful river walkway. And it’s not perfect but there is transit!
  • My city can be down to -40 during the long winter, making walking and biking very difficult/soul-crushing.

Reality: Oh this is true. It’s super cold here sometimes, but not all the time! It’s starting to be 5, 10 and 15 degrees in these parts so walking and biking is much more doable. Plus walking by stop and go traffic is super rewarding.

  • I don’t need to drive to work and I wouldn’t, but my partner takes the bus 45 mins to school, even though its just over 5 k away.

Reality: This is also true, but the transit pass is 60% cheaper for him since he’s a student and if he already paid for it so he might as well use it!

  • Free parking at my apartment.

Reality: Classic- there’s no such things as a free lunch right! Just like there is no such thing as free parking. It might be free at my apartment but it is super expensive everywhere else. I heard on the radio that my city has the 2nd most expensive parking in North America, 2nd only to Manhattan!

  • My city is just over 1 hour from amazing mountains, hiking and general merriment. If I got a car I could go out there regularly.

Reality: This is also true, but I can rent a car now for between $15-20/day since I’m now over that magical 25 age. Even if I rented a car every single weekend it would be less than $100. And both you and I know that I wouldn’t. Because of youtube.

  • My city also has lots of cool urban trails and parks, very few of which are accessible by public transit.

Reality: See above.

  • And my favourite, and most ridiculous justification: I’m 25 I should have car by this age!

Reality: Bahahaha I’m the worst at personal finance. I’m 25 I should also have a fancy designer dog, sexy leather jacket and a six-figure salary too right?

It’s a great thing to dream big when it comes to buying fancy new things but it’s also important to challenge yourself to see if your views actually hold up a day, a week or a month later!


2 thoughts on “Talking back to my car dreams

  1. I love how real you are being with yourself! It really shows how we can find any justification (financial or otherwise) when we really really want something. A really great read!

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