Do you need a car in Canada?

I have cars on the brain for sure.

And I recently read this article about how my current city is actually not very walk and transit friendly.

In fact,

Walk Score ranked Calgary’s walkability a 48, making it last out of 10 Canadian cities with more than half a million residents.

Glad to know it’s not just me who was starting to think that Calgary is really built for cars!

I went on to read Walk Score’s ranking of the Top Ten most Walkable Cities in Canada. People may recognize walk score as the little number that is increasingly found on rental or home listings that measures how easy it is to access general errands and activities via walking or public transit from that location. I really like it and absolutely consider to be a huge factor when I move.

For 2014 Walk Score ranks the top five cities in Canada as Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Mississauga and Ottawa in that order. I’m a little surprised about Miss. considering it’s a bit of a commuter suburb to Toronto, but I haven’t been there since I was 10 so I’m no expert.

For me, low-cost transportation is a very important thing, especially while I’m trying to manage multiple financial goals at the same time. Cars are nice but they can add thousands of dollars to your yearly budget so it’s a huge help to live in a place that does not require a car.

It’s also food for thought, as I know everyone is guilty of complaining about their city’s transit system (ahem, Torontonians!) but they obviously don’t realize how great they do have it!

Check out the 2014 Walk Score Rankings Here


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