Monthly Goal Unlocked: Tax Return Filed!

As of this morning I completed my first goal of the month: to file my tax return with my partner.

(Cheers and applause from the audience!)

This is the second year I’ve done my own taxes using UFILE and so far so good.I’ve only ever used this program so my opinion may be more associated with the online filing system and less with UFILE itself.

Pros to UFILE:

  •  Easy interface online, the survey part guides you through all the tax sections and it is easy to move back and forth to edit as you need
  • It’s online so you can save it and go back to it at any time
  • Reputable, well recognized
  • You can do your taxes with the online program and directly send the return to CRA from the interface without leaving the site


  • About 3 weeks ago I got  random package from the province I used to live in saying that I owed about $1600 in taxes. I sent them the same documents I filed with UFILE and even called CRA and CRA said there was nothing outstanding. I’m still not quite sure why this happened and I’m not sure if it’s because UFILE didn’t organize things correctly or if the province just wanted to mail me some angry tax documents because they miss me or something
  • This is the first year I’m filing with my partner and there was some issues with the partner optimization section. UFILE wants each partner to file the numbers under the person that originally claimed it but will use ‘optimization’ to determine who should claim the amount to minimize the tax owed. It was very difficult and actually I wasn’t able to override a problem it made with medical expenses and so a good amount of money (approx $600) won’t be returned to my partner because UFILE put that amount under me instead.
  • It can be a bit glitchy. Not sure if this is just my computer (although its a 2013 Windows 8 machine) but the UFILE system occasionally froze and I had to log out and log back on. Not a nice function when you are trying to be precise with numbers!

I’m super curious to hear what programs people use for doing their own taxes. Or if anyone stands by getting a professional to do it!

Group-think: what’s the best way to do Canadian taxes?


4 thoughts on “Monthly Goal Unlocked: Tax Return Filed!

  1. Yay congrats on one goal down! Jon and I are going to prepare ours this week. I’ve been using TurboTax and he likes a different program, and we’ve decided to try to do ours together using TurboTax this year. We’ve never filed as a couple before this year, so hopefully it works out well.

  2. Yay taxes! You will have to teach me your ways when I return home to the motherland… 🙂 good for you!!!!

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