March Monthly Budget

March !

Here is my spending plan for the month.

  Mar predicted Mar Actual
Rent 750  
Utilities 63  
transportation 100  
phone 40  
groceries/personal care 350  
restaurant 50  
clothes 0  
gifts 90  
alcohol 40  
entertainment 150  
bank fees 15  
savings 700  
debt repayment 300  
retirement 50  
Income 2700  
spent 2698  
Difference 2  
  personal savings rate:  

I’m hoping to get my passport renewed this month, which I’ll put into ‘personal care’. Keeping transportation a little higher to encourage me to get out more!

Aside from that, nothing too outlandish.

Whats on the financial plan for this month?


6 thoughts on “March Monthly Budget

  1. My big financial goal is to buy my lunch less. It’s tricky because when I’m on a job site, I usually can’t bring food in since it’s a construction site or a really dirty building… I think I will be trying to leave a packed lunch in my car. We’ll see how it goes! Good luck with your budget this month!

    • That is a great call actually. Lunch is hard when you are on the move all the time. Maybe have a bunch of non-fridge required foods? I found honestly bringing my lunch every day was one of the first things I started to do to save money and it was hard, but after a few weeks you get in the groove. Good luck!

      • I’ve started by leaving peanuts/cashews and fruit bars in my car this week. They won’t go mushy in the cold like fruits or veg would, and they’re easy to snack on while I drive from site to site. Baby steps!

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