End of the Month: February 2014


  Feb predicted Feb Actual Difference Reason
Rent 750 750    
Utilities 63 63    
transportation 120 290.4  -170.4  Car rentals, gas, airport parking
phone 40  40    
groceries/personal care 250 77.5  172.5  
restaurant 50 8.9  41.1  
clothes 0                             0    
gifts 0 0    
alcohol 40 47.3  -7.3  
entertainment 150 53.8  96.2  
bank fees 15  15    
savings 700 955.16    
debt repayment 300 300    
retirement 50 50    
Income 2700 2702    
spent 2528 2626.06    
Difference 172  75.94    
  personal savings rate:  37.2%    

Overall I think this was a pretty good month!

Over Budget

Transportation: I knew it was going to be an expensive month in travel because I rented a car for 4 days when my sister came to visit. The rental itself was $122, so pretty great budget guess. But being a non-driver I obviously forgot to budget for gas, which was $60. On top of that is a 1 day car rental from the end of January that I paid for this month ($40), a lot of parking at the airport ($40) and then the usual bus tickets for $30.

Alcohol: I do like breaking alcohol into it’s own budget line, but I also do feel like a dirt bag when I over spend for booze. It was Valentine’s Day this month! 

Net worth Change:

End of Jan Net Worth: -$8938.6

Current Net Worth: -9157.25

Difference: a decrease of $218.65 or -2.4%

* I didn’t talk about this so much, but I did take out $1400+ of my emergency fund to get my partner back in the country. I’m getting paid back slowly but I’m in no rush at all. So numbers wise, it looks weird but don’t worry I didn’t secretly buy a car like I wrote about*

Goal Progress:

Financial Goals

1. Save at least $6000 for potential tuition for Sept 2014- I’m at 59.8% of this goal! More than half way!

2. Continue to save up $1000 for a trip- I’m at 40% of this goal!

3. Make or save an additional $1000 by February- This is an example of how when you just set a goal and don’t actually make a plan to reach it, it won’t get done! I put extra money towards saving this month,  . . . .

Personal Goals

1. Get out of the city at least once a month.

My sister came to town and we went to Lake Louise and Banff! Yes it was -27 but not only did I get out of the house but I made it out of the city!

2. Run a half marathon under 2 hours 10 minutes

Against all odds and a pretty crappy race strategy I spoke about here– I did it! I finished in 2:00:19 which was an amazing ten minutes improvement on my goal and a personal best! Still overall terrified of running another winter race though, so you win some you loose some. 

3. Go on a trip with my partner to somewhere we both haven’t been before.

Still saving steadily for this. 

4. Try to chill out about future school plans. Minimize worry/obsessively checking application statuses.

I’m actually doing this! I feel overall very zen and ‘whatever will be will be’.  

5. Plan more event/activity based dates with my partner and friends.

I had a pretty exhausting month actually. My sister was here for 4 days so we went to the mountains, saw the Tower and went to a cool beer pub. Then I surprised my partner with tickets for A Tribe Called Red for Valentine’s, which was amazing! I’ve also had some late nights at work,  doing cool events, so I think that also counts. I’m hoping to make more plans in March!


2 thoughts on “End of the Month: February 2014

  1. Woooo nice February, lady! I really admire your dedication! I need to make a firmer budget like you – J and I just set a big savings goal of pulling together a down payment over the next few years. Any ideas on where you guys want to go for your vacation?

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