February Goals Check In

So how did I do with my monthly goals?

1. No Clothes February!

Absolute success! Visited some malls with my sister but did not buy anything at all. Check!

2. Plan at least 2 for real dates with my partner!

Pretty good! I surprised him with tickets for A Tribe Called Red Concert, which was so awesome. It was so awesome in fact that we had to cancel our plans for the next two days because it just rocked our world too much haha. So one real date done. 50%

I did think these goals would be easy to accomplish but alas I need to work harder on my romance game!


One thought on “February Goals Check In

  1. NO CLOTHES FEBRUARY is my dream life but I think we are interpreting it differently. I’m so totally jealous you two went to see A Tribe Called Red!!! You just have to brush the dust off your romance game!! You’ve still got it!!!!!!

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