Car Dreams

It’s been over 8 months since I sold my first car, which helped to quickly drain my bank account and my sanity.

But alas, I’m dreaming again of a car!

Here are my very ridiculous and bad personal finance justifications.

  1. My city is built for cars and does not have a very reliable public transit system that often take longer than biking
  2. My city can be down to -40 during the long winter, making walking and biking very difficult/soul-crushing
  3. I don’t need to drive to work and I wouldn’t, but my partner takes the bus 45 mins to school, even though its just over 5 k away.
  4. Free parking at my apartment
  5. My city is just over 1 hour from amazing mountains, hiking and general merriment. If I got a car I could go out there regularly
  6. My city also has lots of cool urban trails and parks, very few of which are accessible by public transit.
  7. And my favourite, and most ridiculous justification: I’m 25 I should have car by this age!

Hahahaha. I’m terrible at this.

I was also seriously considering shutting down this blog if I decide to get a car just to hide the evidence from prying eyes. Oh mango.

I have no savings plan at all towards this at all, but that hasn’t stopped me from looking at Kijji ads and pricing out insurance for imaginary cars!

In all seriousness, if I were to get a car my partner and I would be splitting the costs of the purchase, insurance, parking, gas and maintenance of it, which is a huge help. But since neither of us actually have a financial plan to get a car, and only increasing dreams to have one, who knows.

Just taking into account the cost of insurance alone would be more than my current transportation budget!

Maybe once I sort out school stuff I can go forward with finding an extra $200+ a month for insurance, parking, gas and maintenance, but sigh cars sure are expensive!


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