Personal Finance Adventures: DIY Household products

In a dual attempt to reduce the amount of ridiculous chemicals in my everyday life and to continue to live a frugal life, I’ve been dabbling in DIY household products!

Baking soda is the DIY dream ingredient

Baking soda is the DIY dream ingredient

I am by no means a DIY expert- there are far too many amazing blogs on the DIY lifestyle for me to even list. I started myself by accidentally picking up There’s Lead in Your Lipstick by Gill Deacon and reading and learning a lot about all the endless surprising things that are in our lipsticks, soaps, shampoos, sunscreen and really anything you can think of around your house and bathroom in particular.

My first attempts have included DIY soap, shampoo, face cleaner, glass cleaner/all purpose cleaner and bathroom cleaner.

Soap This is a link that has multiple ways to hack castile soap (like Bronners). I use tip #8. I bought a bar of Bronners peppermint soap, cut it up in thirds, then shredded a third of it and mixed it with water. I have this in a small container in the bathroom and use it to suds up. Smells great, super clean and I bought this one bar for $5 in August and I still have 30% of it left.

Shampoo. I tried this twice, once with olive oil and once without. Both I found smelled really excellent, and kept well for about 7-10 days in the shower. The only thing is that I have long, very, very thick hair and this just left it very greasy. By the end of the day it looked like I needed to have another shower! I would guess it’s much better for folks with dry/frizzy/seriously coloured hair.

Face Cleaner Please excuse this ad-heavy link. Basically baking soda and water! It is so excellent as an exfoliater and general face wash. Don’t do it twice a day because it can sting a bit, but I do it once a day or every other day and the end of the day to take off all the day’s makeup, junk, etc.  After using it only once I noticed my face was much smoother and I have had very minimal (if any) breakouts since starting this last January.

Glass Cleaner, I add tea tree oil to cut grease to add a little all purpose cleaning ability also I think it has a nice ‘clean’ smell. I think this is super easy to make, has widely available and affordable ingredients and I use it pretty much everywhere in my house!

Bathroom Cleaner This is a great list of all types of bathroom cleaners. I’ve used the first one listed ‘tub and tile cleaner’ and I think they may have the recipe wrong and instead of 1 cup and 2/3 cup of baking soda I would guess they meant just 2/3 cup, because with that much baking soda it can be quite of a paste. Still not so sure about this. My apartment tub is quite difficult to clean because I’m not exactly sure what the material is, but this seems to take out some stains.

Do you DIY around the house and bathroom? What are some of your favourite ‘recipes’?


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