Trying out Meal Planning

This month my partner was away so I’m left on my own devices in terms of all the food and cooking (and eating :)).

I’m not too bad of a cook. I can absolutely cook a lot of things, but I’m still working on making things extra tasty and not too burnt or bland. And I only like to cook sometimes. I need to have enough time and low enough overall stress levels.

(Once I burned an entire pot of rice nearly entirely black when I got an angry email).

SO to avoid that- these past two weeks I”m trying big batch cooking, which is an accidental attempt at meal planning.

A couple of weeks ago it was quite cold so I basically just stayed inside with my pots and slow cooker. I managed to make a pad thai esque noodle dish, beef and veggie stir fry, veggie chili and my personal favourite: slow cooker butter chicken and rice.

Pad thai and stir fry each only took about 30 mins each; the veggie chili was 4 hours on low on stove top and butter chicken was just set it and forget it in the slow cooker for 5 hours. Basically 5 hours for these 4 meals.

I’ve made these 4 big meals in the past 2 weeks and portioned them out into containers for future lunch and supper. I’ve frozen 7 containers for lunch for work, but I estimate that the total meals from these 4 dishes is over 17 meals!

I’ve seen a lot of budget, personal finance and the occasional mommy blog give huge praises to big batch cooking and meal planning but I had never quite embraced it myself until now. Since I don’t like cooking all the time, I by default would try to make bigger portions of things when the mood of cooking strikes me, but I had never actually portioned out meals for future use. The idea also struck me as a little too strict and overly planned, but so far it’s not as bad as I thought.

I don’t think I could ever embrace the hyper organized plan that says what I will have for supper in 3 weeks from now.

But for now, I do like having lots of food now and knowing that I have lunch already ready for work.

What is your take on meal planning or big batch cooking? Yay or nay?


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