Starting to Volunteer again

A little bit of a personal update is that I’m back onto the volunteering scene!

I’ve been moving around the country a lot for the past 3 years so it’s been difficult to get a sustainable, client-based volunteer role in the community.

But on the 27th I’m doing my first supervised shift for a local homeless shelter!

I’m looking forward to this in a lot of ways but I’m also little apprehensive as the orientation I had with the organization was only a few hours. I’m sure the supervisor will give me some more guidance on the day of the shift.

I’m also tentatively looking forward to it because this is the first client-based volunteer role I’ve had in over 3 years and since then I’ve had a lot of experience and training in giving sexual health information and services, particularly for adults who are street-involved so I’m interested to see if I will be able hold back and realize that I’m there to volunteer and not to work.

I mention this here because I think the dominant personal finance tone is to focus on your own money, time and how your time can make you more money! As a non profit personal finance blogger I like to think that I often go against this stream, and I hope this is another example of this.

It is very important for you to get a handle on your money and time. More importantly, I think it is is crucial for people to start analyzing where they spend their money, focus on spending on the things that are of value and importance, and then have time to actually devote to activities, pursuits or goals of values and importance.

I strongly value volunteering, contributing to a community and learning more about social services in my area. I could potentially work as a tutor or dog walker for those same 2 hours a night twice a month I volunteer and potentially earn $50-60. But for me it’s more worth it, in many ways,  to use that time to learn.

What about you? Do you volunteer in your area? What is the role of volunteering when you are trying to get your finances in order?


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