January Monthly Budget

January 2014!

A little bit late, but this month is going to be good! No gift binges!

I’m starting to split up my entertainment budget line between alcohol and general entertainment to see if I can start to tease out how much I spend on booze.

This month my partner is out of the country so I’m not sure if it will be cheaper for me or I’ll turn to more entertainment out of the house.

January is also the  month of anxiety as I will hopefully hear back from schools near the end of the month, and it is also now less than four weeks until my half-marathon. Lots on the go!

  Jan predicted Jan Actual
Rent 750  
Utilities 63  
transportation 60  
phone 40  
groceries/personal care 200  
restaurant 50  
clothes 50  
gifts 0  
alcohol 40  
entertainment 60  
bank fees 15  
savings 600  
debt repayment 400  
retirement 50  
Income 2700  
spent 2378  
Difference 322  

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