Year in Review


2013 Year in Review!


I wrote previously about the huge financial steps I took this year. With those came some huge costs. I bought and sold my first ever car; I moved across the country/continent and I started to have some adult things like  half-decent Ikea furniture in my apartment.

Here is where all my money went from January 1 2013- December 31 2013

Category Total Average    
Debt repayment 4650.27 387.52 13.14% s/b15%
Savings 7530.13 627.51 21.27% s/b 10%
Bills 2201.39 183.44 6.22%  
Housing 8285.98 690.49 23.41% s/b 35%
Transportation 3113.63 259.46 8.79% s/b 15%
Entertainment 1524.09 127 4.30%  
Extra 6494.72 541.22 18.35%  
Life 2129.08 177.42 6.01% s/b 25%
Spending 35929.29 2994.1 101.52%  
Income 35389.32 2949.11    


  • I saved $7530.13, or 21.27% of my income this year!
  • I put $4650.27 towards my student loan. This was 13.14% of my income. An impressive $4060.95 of this went towards the principle! That loan is 20% paid off!!  
  • I have prioritized savings over debt repayment especially in the last 6 months because I’m planning on going back to school for a longer term increase in work responsibilities and compensation. After this next level of education I want to really attack debt and move on with my life!
  • I earned $35389.32 this year- mostly from the last 4 months at this new job.
  • I did spend slightly more than I earn this year, at 101.52% of my budget. The move was an expensive time for sure.

I have only been calculating my net worth since September, but my net worth at the start of September was -$12725.76.

As of the end of December, my net worth is -$9990.31.

That’s an improvement of $2735.45 or 22.2%!

Overall I’m very happy and proud of what I have accomplished financially in 2013. I really feel like this was a learning and foundation year.

I have some longer term plans of paying off all of my student loan, learning more about ETFs and passive investing, possibly real estate investing, but I know 2014 will be focused on saving up for potential school, a pay decrease and just maintaining emergency fund levels.

2014 I’m so ready!


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