New Holiday Plans

For the first time ever (!!) I’m not going home for Christmas. I wasn’t going to write about this because I have a bunch of mixed feelings about it, but overall I think it is going to be a interesting change.

Hard aspects

  • Although it’s absolutely not affordable and various people (who also can’t afford it) have offered to pay my trip for the holidays, I feel very self-indulgent and guilty. The media has a very specific idea of what December is supposed to be for everyone and you are supposed to be roasting chestnuts, singing songs and opening wonderfully thoughtful gifts with your family right? This is also the first holiday without my grandpa which is hard. I feel like I’m making it worse by not being there.
  • Lots of down time which will hopefully not be terribly lonely and full of boredom, but we will see about that.
  • I really do like getting people presents so I do wish I could be at my family’s house on Christmas morning to see everyone open gifts.

Great aspects

  • Saving lots of money for a flight! Last I checked the flight for to Toronto (approx. 3 hours flight) is at least $700 round trip. My partner is going home to the Middle East and got a flight for $1400, for a flight that is over 26 hours. It would be cheaper for me to fly to California, Las Vegas, the Caribbean or Europe! I cannot get over the ridiculous cost of airfare in Canada, especially the price gouging that goes on around December and January. And although it is important, I do have a lot of timely financial goals I want to reach before August and that $700+ could be put to greater use.
  • A quiet, relaxing pace for the holidays instead of the airport rush, the family driving around to see everyone in 48 hours and the invariable countless family disagreements on philosophies of life.
  • I am planning on doing a lot of skyping and potentially will be skyped into my family’s Christmas morning, so I hope it will be similar than the live version.

One more amazing thing is that the moment I opened up about not going anywhere for the holidays so many people have opened up their homes and time for me. I now have competing social invitations for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! My heart is very warmed by all of these offers. I may get a chance to check out the Edmonton Christmas scene with a best pal so that should be great.

What are you plans over the holidays? Going all out or a thrifty solo/local time like me?


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