Non Profit Work in Canada

Here’s a run down of non profit work in Canada

Who: More than 1.3 million people in Canada are employed in the non profit sector. This does not include hospitals and post-secondary institutions, which add more than 800,000 people. In addition, there are 19 million volunteers reported for the 161,000 non profit organizations across the country (Imagine).

I wrote earlier about the gender difference in non profit. It has been found that men are more likely to work in larger organizations, thus having access to a larger budget and resulting larger paycheque. Women are more likely to be in smaller organizations and more likely to be in front-line work. Charity Village reported additionally that there remains an issue with retaining workers under 30. The rate of employee turn over in younger workers is still very high in non profit work.

What: The most common mission, according to Imagine, is sports and recreation, then religion, then social service organizations who account for over 12% of the non profits in this country. Non profits are continuing to grow, with Charity Village reporting that 44% of non profits planned to create new positions in 2013, up from 33% in 2011.

Where: Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary have been reported to have the highest non profit salaries for workers across Canada. Additionally, if your organization is a part of a larger chain, such as a Boys and Girls Club vs a singular location, you are likely to be compensated more. Generally speaking I would also guess that post secondary institutions and hospitals are much higher paid than other non profits, like charities.


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