December Monthly Budget


I’m so tempted to throw this budget out and just go all willy-nilly this month. My partner will be away, I have time off from my full time work and it is the month of consumption! Still trying to find a seasonal position, but if I don’t hopefully I can fill my spare time with volunteering and outdoor activities that do not include shopping.

I have  more money for food and utilities because I’m alone to pay them this month. More money for entertainment because I am hoping to get away for New Year’s and not break the bank.

I don’t have a lot of people to buy for Christmas, and I will be exchanging gifts with my partner in January so I’m hoping to really get some good deals after Boxing Day to keep this number down. All I am saying is don’t hate me if this turns out to be a shit-show. I promise I will try!

  Dec predicted Dec Actual
Rent 750  
Utilities 63  
transportation 60  
phone 40  
groceries/personal care 250  
restaurant 85  
clothes 50  
gifts 200  
entertainment 200  
bank fees 15  
savings 500  
debt repayment 400  
retirement 50  
Income 2700  
spent 2663  
Difference 37  

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