End of Month November 2013


This month was a nearly good budget month.

Ironically, despite the fact that I wrote about how awesome benefits are, I neglected to fully read mine and didn’t realize I would have to pay 30% of the chiropractic appointments I had. Slow clap for me.

November budget run-down:

  Nov predicted Nov Actual Difference
Rent 750 850 -100
Utilities 30 63 -33
transportation 60 105.9 -45.9
health insurance 25 50 -25 
phone 40 39 1
groceries/personal care 200 193.63 6.37
restaurant 85 94.05 -9.05
clothes 50 62.29 -12.29
gifts 100 115.12 -15.12
entertainment 150 87.42 62.58
bank fees 15 21  -6
savings 600 600.44  
debt repayment 400 400  
retirement 50 50  
education 100 100  
Income 2754    
spent 2655 2831.85  
Difference 99  -51.85  

Over Budget

Rent: Again, I paid less towards food last month, so I pay more for rent.

Utilities: I paid for it in full this month, and it is back to the full price.

Transportation: I couldn’t just buy the 2 bus tickets I needed, I had to get the whole 10 ticket package at $30 and we have been using car2go a lot.

Health Insurance: I also didn’t realize that the cost is $25 per pay. So monthly, I’ll change that to $50

Clothes: I got a great pair of very warm and very fashionable boots for $63! I know its more than the 50 I budgeted, but I wore these boots this week in the -30 weather and was warm, so I  consider them an amazing investment.

Gifts: I bought some gifts for a great deal, but then had to donate to Doctors without Borders after the typhoon hit the Philippines. Please give generously !

Net worth Change:

Start of Nov Net Worth: -12010.94

Current Net Worth: -11101.23

Difference: an increase of $909.71 or 7.57%!

Goal Progress:

Financial Goals

1. Save at least $6000 for potential tuition for Sept 2014- I have 23.2% of it saved!

2. Put at least $400 a month to student loan- So far so good.

Personal Goals

1. Get out and meet people in my new city- try a new activity at least once a week-Spent way less this month, but still had a blast. Went to a free personal finance workshop, did some casual work and met some cool people and hosted a great potluck.

2. Plan an vacation with my partner outside of Canada (California? Turkey? Hawaii?)- Starting to contribute to this at ideally $100/month. Talks today about possibly visiting LA in April/May 😀


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