You Work at a Non Profit When

Working at a non profit is a very interesting, rewarding, challenging and often hilarious place to be.

  • When applying for new non profit jobs you see the words ‘self-funded position’ un-ironically listed under compensation
  • The organization bank account has less cash than your personal account
  • The guest speaker you want for your staff training charges more in an hour than most people make in 2 weeks at your office
  • Your holiday bonus is a $25 gift card to the most affordable grocery store in town
  • You routinely get asked, “so if you aren’t a social worker, what’s your qualification to work here.”
  • The time spent managing the unpaid staff (volunteers) always outweighs the time spent dealing with paid co-workers
  • A board member suggests, “any fun, super easy to organize,” multi-day fundraising festival and then never shows up to another meeting

These are all true experiences- I cannot even fathom how these situations would be dealt with in the private sector.


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