Online Shopping

This month I have a $50 budget for clothes, coming off no-clothes October.

Part of me wants to ignore this and attempt no-clothes November, but the other part of me is thinking that my saggy-ass, hole-y tights, wearing high heels in the snow outfits to work could use some updating.

Oh and another great justification: I came to this city with one bag of clothes! This is my favourite justification for everything.

And so I shop. More like window shop. And online window shop.

I should be proud of myself that today in over 3 hours of window and online browsing I bought nothing. (This is another example of how I have too much time on my hands).

I never buy anything when I actually say I want to, and I have been like that for years.

The essentials I have in my wardrobe are usually the things I bought on a whim and regretted it immediately, but still have years later.

So I guess that makes me a terrible shopper in general.

Let’s focus on the positives I guess.

  • I checked out an awesome consignment store- massive sale on already discounted stuff, plus it’s environmentally better than buying new polyester stuff
  • I was super into buying things online at a store I nearly weekly online window shop, ‘just to finally see how the quality is’ but stopped myself. If I can barely decide on stuff when I try it on, I should not be blindly ordering shiny fake leather leggings online.
  • Also remember how this is  personal finance blog and not a personal shopping blog! I should be out there making dough and not dreaming of ways to spend it!

Do you just avoid window shopping altogether on a budget? Or is it easier to give yourself a small budget to play with?


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